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Arduino WiFi Shield (integrated antenna) - A000058

Arduino WiFi Shield (integrated antenna) - A000058
34 607 Ft

Previously there were a select few ways to connect your Arduino to a wireless network but now it's officially available from Arduino themselves! They have now released the Arduino WiFi Shield! As always with Arduino, every element of the WiFi shield – hardware, software and documentation – is freely available and open-source. This means you can learn exactly how it's made and use its design as the starting point for your own circuits.

  • Features:

    • Connection via: 802.11b/g networks
    • Operating voltage 5V (supplied from the Arduino Board) to an on-board 3.3V
    • Encryption types: WEP and WPA2 Personal
    • On-board micro SD slot for Uno and Mega accessible via the SD Library (when working with this library, SS is on Pin 4)
    • ICSP header (for interfacing to Arduino SPI lines)
    • Atmel 32UC3A1256 32-bit on-board microcontroller provides a network (IP) stack capable of both TCP and UDP
    • FTDI interface available to the 32UC3 for serial debugging. A list of available commands can be found here.
    • Mini-B USB connector and DFU Jumper included for firmware upgrades to the 32UC3
    • HDG104 Wireless LAN 802.11b/g System in-Package handles the WiFi signal
    • included 3.3V to 5V TXB0108 level shifter
    • R3 compatible headers

    The shield contains a number of informational LEDs:

    • L9 (yellow): tied to digital pin 9
    • LINK (green): indicates a connection to a network
    • ERROR (red): indicates a communication error
    • DATA (blue): indicates data being transmitted/received

    Check out the reference page of the WiFi library to understand how the shield can easily provide an internet connection to your Arduino board. The WiFi Shield communicates with Arduino using the SPI bus (through the ICSP header), so is compatible with any of the boards that have this type of bus. This version of WiFi shield have an integrated antenna on the PCB, what you have to do is just connect the shield to the Arduino and you don't have to worry about finding an external antenna. The back portion of the board even sticks out a little to get the antenna a stronger signal when other shields are stacked above it. If you want to have a closer look at this board we advice you to visit the official Arduino WiFi Shield page in the Hardware Section.

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