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A2427 Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro for Raspberry Pi

A2427 Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro for Raspberry Pi
9 538 Ft

The Explorer HAT Pro is a terrific prototyping side-kick for your Raspberry Pi 2, B+, or A+!

  • On the Explorer Pro from Pimoroni there are a heap of useful input and output options that will take your projects to the next level. Great for driving motors, using analog sensors, interfacing with 5V systems, and touch interfaces!


    • 4x buffered 5V tolerant inputs
      • Hook up your Pi to accept input from 5V systems (like Arduino Uno/Leonardo or 5V Trinkets). We've used a 5-channel buffer that will accept anything from 2V-5V as logic high.
    • 4x powered 5v outputs (up to 500mA!)
      • The onboard darlington array can supply up to 500mA per channel (but you'll be limited to driving around 1A total from the board). Ideal for stepper motors, solenoids, and relays.
    • 4x capacitive touch pads + 4x capacitive alligator clip pads
      • Four along the front edge for touch input (labelled 1, 2, 3, 4) and four up the side for attaching alligator clips to objects (such as fruit, or tin foil) for experimentation!
    • 4x colored LEDs
      • Independently controllable LEDs (red, green, blue, and yellow) that make great status indicators.
    • 1x mini breadboard on top

    The Explorer HAT *Pro* also has a few additional features:

    • 4x analog inputs
      • A tidy way to integrate analog signals into your project.
    • 2x H-bridge motor drivers
      • Drive two 5V motors bidirectionally with up to 200mA per channel. Ideal with our micro-metal gear-motors to create the perfect little buggy! You can even soft-PWM for full speed control.
    • A heap of useful (unprotected) 3v3 goodies from the GPIO
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